Uncall for Everybody

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Because we enable you to work smarter when you need to notify or alert up to 100 people at once.

Because you shouldn’t have to have a geek-brain to reap the benefits of creating and making
useful automated phone calls on your own.

Because phone work is often messy and complex with personalized dates, times,
questions and answers, etc. We make it easy.

Because repeating yourself on the phone as part of your routine is not in your
human nature. You’re more creative than that. We help you show-off!

Because you should be able to “efficiently” handle repetitive phone work without
technical or managerial barriers.

Because no training is necessary. Nothing to install. Do it all by yourself to get calls made now, or scheduled for later.

Because you’ll unleash your totally awesomeness the moment those phones ring, simultaneously!

Because you’re THAT person. Not Everybody.

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Helps you solve problems

Lets face it. Most people can’t solve the big, immediate problems on their own. Your appointment book is full but people forget their appointments. Your service dispatches trucks to homes and nobody is home. Your beeper goes off but you’re asleep. Your email/text alerts are mixed-up with others. Our focus is getting non-technical folks to solve important, practical, problems like these. That’s the sole reason Uncall exists.