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billed annually Or $55 month-to-month
250 call units
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10 active msgs
billed annually Or $215 month-to-month
1,000 call units
$0.40 ea addl'
10 active msgs
billed annually Or $410 month-to-month
2,000 call units
$0.40 ea addl'
25 active msgs
billed annually Or $545 month-to-month
3,000 call units
$0.40 ea addl'
50 active msgs

   A “call unit” is our unit of pricing. One appointment reminder call generally consumes one call unit, but could consume more than one call unit depending upon the features used for that call.

   Each account can be used to create unlimited messages, but only designated active messages can be used to make calls.

  Upgrade or downgrade your account to a different plan, or cancel anytime. 

Because Uncall gives you flexibility to change and add messages whenever you like. No need to consult with us or anyone else. No training is necessary. We’ve made it quick and simple so you can just do it!

Create automated phone call reminders for upcoming appointments, preventative care screenings, flu shots, overdue tests, etc., to communicate effectively with your patients.

You’re in charge 24/7 simply by logging on and doing things. You decide when and how to communicate with your patients, on a daily basis. There’s no “preset” time to upload your list or miss out on calls that day. Change/Add message content whenever. No “implementation specialist” is ever needed.

You can also cancel your Uncall account anytime. We do not lock you in with signed contracts, tricky cancelation rules, or any nonsense like that.

We are happy to earn your business every single day!

Here’s what you can look forward to:

-Signup, create a message, record your voice, upload or add list of names, phone numbers, etc., click once to make calls now, or schedule calls to be made automatically later.

To make automated phone calls you’ll need a list of people to call. We call it a “call list.” Each row contains a patient’s name, phone number, appointment date, and appointment time of the person to call.

Most doctor offices keep call list data in Electronic Health Record (EHR) software. You can use that software to extract data for your call list each day. Save it to comma separated values (CSV) file, and upload to Uncall when prompted during the Make Calls process.

As an example, shown below is how-to retrieve a call list from the Management Plus EHR.

How do I create a Call List using Management Plus?

Screenshots courtesy of Bryan A. Thorell of Management Plus Healthcare Information Systems.

1) Create a custom report in Management Plus. You’ll need to do this only once. Note the diagram below shows how you can choose the columns you want in the report. You will always need a name and phone number for Uncall, but your choices of other columns are optional and depend on your Message. For example, if you are creating a report for a Message that requires an appointment time and date, you will also include those columns in your customer report.









2) Whenever you want to make calls, simply run your custom report. You’ll be prompted by the following dialog to select the date range for your report.







3) The next step prompts you to save the report to your desktop. This is the location you will browse to “Upload CSV file” inside Uncall.







4) To make calls to the people in the report, open your web browser and login to Uncall. Go to the Make Calls tab and select the Message you wish to use, eg, “Dr. Smith-Appointment Notifications.” Then select “Upload CSV file” and browse to the custom report you saved. That’s all there is to it!

Tips and Tricks.

When creating a Management Plus report, you can create one report with ALL the columns you think you might need for any Message. Whenever you upload to Uncall, you’ll be able to select the appropriate columns for the current Message being used.

For example, an “Office closed due to snow” message may not need appointment date and time. But it would be ok to upload a report that includes that extra data. This saves substantial time because you don’t need to create a separate Management Plus report for each type of message.


Is Uncall just telemarketing?

Telemarketing is against our Terms of Service. There are also government laws that prohibit telemarketing and we will work closely with law enforcement to prevent abuse.

What is SSL and is our data secure?

Secure Socket Layer, SSL, is a technique used to make sure your data is transmitted securely from your desktop computer to our servers. It’s the same technique that banks use for online security.

Is Uncall HIPAA Compliant?

Uncall is an Internet company that’s not considered a “covered entity” and therefore not bound by HIPAA’s provisions. However we do have our own privacy and security policies. Using Uncall does not require the release of patient “medical” data, such as a patient’s medical records number, Social Security Number (SSN), home address or diagnosis code, etc. Since we do not require this type of data to be used, we don’t do anything special to secure such data beyond using SSL and secure data centers. Healthcare entities should never upload, enter web forms, or record by voice any private medical data while using Uncall. Healthcare companies using Uncall should exercise their normal HIPPA policies. For example, don’t use Uncall to call a patient with an appointment reminder if you wouldn’t make that same call manually.

Do you provide phone support?

We provide unlimited support via email but we don’t provide support over the phone. We do our best to respond to every email within a few hours of receiving it.

Can you customize Uncall for us?

We welcome suggestions for new features or improvements that will make our service work better for you. If there is something you need, please let us know and we’ll examine it on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to keep Uncall as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Does Uncall require technical expertise?

Nope, not at all. In fact, that’s exactly why Uncall was developed – to enable “the rest of us” to create automated phone call solutions to help with work and life. There’s no programming, no hardware/software to install, and no phone system to provision or deal with. You’ll look and feel awesome when your new expertise makes those phones ring!


What is an Uncall message?

An Uncall message is the term we use to describe the automated phone conversation. It’s just words. You can record these words for use in your phone calls. Otherwise, Uncall will use a robot voice to “speak” your automated phone call message.

How do I create a message?

Click on the Message Tab; then click “Create new message.” You will be guided through a quick step-by-step process. How do I create a message            

How do I record my message in my own voice?

The final option in the step-by-step process allows you to record your “Message”, similar to the way you record a voicemail greeting. Simply enter your phone number as requested on the web form. Within 30 seconds you will receive an automated phone call (“Uncall”) that will prompt you through the message recording. record your own voice                

Do I have to create a separate message for each person I want to call?

No. You create a message that can be used to call everyone on your call list. Once you create your “Message”, you select “Make Calls” and Uncall plays that message to everyone on your selected call list. It’s that easy.

Can I tell each person I “uncall” something different?

Absolutely. Let’s say you want to individualize your calls with specific information, such as an appointment time. Uncall makes this easy by setting these appointment time values in your “Call List”, along with the names and phone numbers of the people you are calling. When you “Make Calls”, the Uncall “Message” and “Call List” work in harmony to produce a unique phone message for each person on your list.

Can I get a Yes/No response from EACH person I “uncall”?

Yes! Uncall allows you to set this in your “Message” with specific responses for “yes” or “no.”

Can a message be changed or updated?

Yes. You can change the text and re-record a message at anytime..or simply create a new one!

Can I have a variety of messages for different purposes?

Yes. Each “Message” stands alone. You could have a variety of messages, such as, “Appointment Reminder”, “Snowy Day Message”, and “Holiday Message” to send to different people on different lists. Your options are limitless. several messages

Call lists

What is an Call List?

An Uncall “Call List” is a list of names, phone numbers and specific information that is required to be spoken on an “Uncall.” It’s like a phone book, but with additional information for each person, for example – appointment time. call list            

How many people can I have on a call lists?

Currently, each “Call List” can range from a minimum of one person to call to a maximum of one hundred people, but you can have multiple call lists. For example, if you have 342 people to call, you simply make three “Call Lists”, each with 100 people and a fourth list that contains the remaining 42 people to call.

Do I have to type all these names and phone numbers into the computer?

The choice is yours. Uncall provides a convenient web form for inputting Call List data, including the ability to copy-and-paste or you can upload your file, as explained below.

Can I upload my call list?

Yes, you can upload any file that’s in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format as your Call List. This is a very common format and many applications allow you to save your data as a CSV file. For exampe, if your Call List is in Microsoft Excel, you can “save as” a CSV file.

Are my names and addresses secure?

Yes. Whether you type your data into our web form or upload a CSV file, your info is transmitted from your computer to our servers securely via SSL.

How can I get my application’s data into Uncall without re-typing it?

Many applications you use everyday have an “Export to Excel” feature. You can export any Call List data to Microsoft Excel. You can make any changes you want and then save it as a “.csv file” on your desktop. Then this file becomes the Call List file that you upload to Uncall. Excel call list              

Making calls

How do I make calls with Uncall?

You only need two things to make calls: 1) an Uncall Message; and 2) an associated Call List. If, for example, your message is a call-out reminding people of appointment times, each line in your “Call List” will contain a name, phone number and appointment time. You simply click on the “Make Calls” tab and follow three easy steps to start your calls. making calls        

Can I set up calls to be made at a later time?

Yes. Under the “Make Calls” tab, you have the option to “Call Now” or “Call Later”. Choosing “Call Later” allows you to specify the delay in days, hours and minutes. delay calls        

How long can my call be?

A call unit is up to one minute in duration. Calls exceeding one minute will be charged accordingly.


What is the dashboard?

The Dashboard is where you view your real-time call progress and your Uncall results.

What details can be viewed in the Dashboard?

Dashboard tracks individual call progress. For example, you’ll see if the initial Uncall is successful or if it fails because the line was busy or the caller didn’t answer the phone. You’ll see counters in the Dashboard that displays the number of times Uncall has attempted to call a specific number. To set redials, simply click the ADMIN tab to choose the maximum number of retries and the time interval between retries. The Dashboard also displays the results of questions specified in Uncalls. For example, if your Uncall queries for “Yes” or “No” responses, the responses will be displayed in the Dashboard.

Can I repeat a call from the Dashboard view?

If you see a call that you want to repeat, simply click on the checkboxes to begin the calling process again. This short-cut avoids entering or uploading the entire Call List. When calls are repeated from the DashBoard, the entire call process is repeated which include busy and no answer retries.

What if the line is busy or there is no answer?

Uncall will automatically retry the call. You set the number of retries and the interval between retries under the Admin tab.

What about voicemail?

Answering machines, whether home-based or as a cell phone calling feature, is not standardized. Therefore it can’t be detected with 100% accuracy. However, if Uncall detects voicemail, your message will play and the DashBoard status will indicate “machine.” To guarantee your message is received, simply include a “Yes” or “No” confirmation question in your Message, such as, “Will you be able to make your appointment?” Uncall also provides an option to “Call Later” where you specify a calling time when you think your recipient will be available to answer the phone.  

Billing & account

What payment options do you offer?

We accept online payments using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. Unfortunately we are unable to accept checks, money orders or purchase orders.

How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my account?

It’s easy! Just click on the Admin tab and select your option. How do I upgrade downgrade my account

What if I go over my Plan minutes?

Your credit card will be charged at the overage rate for your Plan.

Can you bill us?

Sorry, we do not bill accounts. Payment at this time is by credit card only and must be received before services can be used.