Hello I’m Stacy Murray, founder of Uncall Communications LLC. Over the past couple of years I’ve developed Uncall and hope you’ll give it a try. Here’s some background …

This could have been your story too …

Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, social workers, and poor communication leads to poor patient care. That’s what happened to my Dad so I decided to do something about it. And what I found out was that workers on the frontline need, and prefer, flexible tools that THEY can control and instantly SHAPE to solve the problems at hand.

Repetitive phone work can be an important part of our work and daily lives. It should be efficient enough to avoid critical time delays. For example, finding a skilled nursing facility to rehab a discharged hospital patient is so inefficient that families have to make last minute decisions about facilities they know nothing about. Social workers spend many hours calling around town repeating themselves all day long “Do you have a male Medicare bed …” There’s a better way!

It’s a waste of human resources playing phone tag all day, talking to voicemail machines, retrying busy and no answer numbers. But then again, if the person doing the work has no better option, then alerts arrive too late, info is not collected in timely fashion, it’s impossible to suddenly notify EVERYBODY with confirmation, etc. And there will be pain.

Why Uncall?

While working with social workers and nursing home owners, two things evolved. The participants wanted to communicate via phone for simplicity and mobility. And after repeated tries, we could never come up with interactive phone messages that everyone liked. What works for one person/situation did not work for others.

However, it became clear during that process what was really needed. Motivated frontline employees need to be empowered to create their own phone automation scenarios and share them with others who are doing similar phone work manually.

Existing tools to create automated phone calls requires technical abilities that most people don’t have. Uncall was created as an online solution to eliminate any hardware or software provisioning, and to be easy enough for anyone to use to create sophisticated phone messaging. It’s the alternative to expensive software development necessary to create custom phone automation solutions. When the need arises for repetitive phones calls for alerts, notifications, to collection info, then there’s no need to call, just uncall.

Our Vision

We believe that the right message, delivered to the right people, at the right time is an idea that can change people‚Äôs lives and change companies for the better. And if such capability is within everybody’s reach, it would enable new possibilities and new habits worth adopting, not just for healthcare, but for any industry. Uncall will strive to make that happen in a very accessible and robust manner.

So we think this is a big idea. Ad-hoc or routine automated phone calls that do something useful and immediately, which can be created by anyone within minutes. And we challenge motivated individuals to solve problems that were impossible before Uncall.

About Me

Stacy Murray, founder and CEO of Uncall Communications LLC.

I have been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years. Prior to starting businesses I was an aerospace engineer, and later after business school, became Director of Systems and Procedures for Broadcast Operations at ABC-Television. In both careers, I managed teams with substantial computer use to solve problems.

While at ABC I created operational and financial systems and procedures to handle major studio productions in sports and entertainment. I was the featured cover story of a national magazine.

In direct response to Apple’s introduction of the LaserWriter printer, I founded HardCopy Laser Printing. It was the first commercial operation in Los Angeles to offer laser printing. I was featured as a success story in Apple Computer’s national brochure rolling out the Macintosh.

My formal education includes a BS degree in aerospace engineering from Parks College of St. Louis University, a MS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and a MBA from Stanford University.

In a nut shell, my experience and background is all about that perfect blend of business and technology.