Sleep without nightmares – for prtg users on-call …

When PRTG sensors trip, your phones will ring like crazy!

Because Uncall for PRTG is built especially for PRTG.

Because we only do ONE job – phone call alerting. PRTG does everything else. Like peanut butter and jelly.

Because you’ll hear alerts speak unique details sent via PRTG Notifications. We take full advantage of PRTG’s superior HTTP Notification Interface which makes alerts faster and your setup quicker.


  • When you answer the phone, you’ll hear details of the sensor/device that triggered the alert phone call
  • Setup in just minutes, really! Nothing to install
  • Cost savings over Pagers, and Per-User pricing
  • Re-assign alert recipients quickly without touching your Prtg Server setup
  • Use for Unlimited sensors!

Within a few minutes, you can have a fully customized URL to copy and paste into the PRTG HTTP Notification setup. No messing around with technical details. We’ve done all the messy work for you!

7-day free trial. No credit card required.

75 alert call-units/mo
$0.30 each extra call-unit
1 phone called on alert
1 call list stored
PRTG Annual
6,000 alert call-units/year
$0.15 each extra call-unit
max 10 phones called on alert
10 call lists stored
No Monthly Overage Charges!

   Each plan can be used for unlimited number of sensors.

   Each plan can alert with Simple or Data message types. See FAQ’s explaining Simple vs Data alert message types.

   Alert recipients do not need an account.

   A “call-unit” is used for pricing. For example, one alert call may consume multiple call-units depending on your geographic location, or for premium features we may offer in the future.

  • Annual Plan is billed at $1,188/year.

Uncall for PRTG

What is Uncall for PRTG Network Monitor?

Uncall is a web service that enables automatic, automated phone calls. This is a special edition for PRTG Network Monitor users to quickly generate a custom API URL to copy and paste into their application’s HTTP Notification setup. When the application trips the notification, a phone call is made immediately to phone numbers specified by the API URL.

What is an Uncall for PRTG alert message?

An Uncall message is the term we use to describe the automated phone conversation. It’s just words. Currently, a Text-To-Speech engine voice “speaks” the alert message you hear when your sensors trip.

Do I have to create my message first?

No. This special edition of Uncall comes with preset messages ready to use. There’s a “Basic” message that simply alerts you that’s something is wrong. And there’s the “Data” message which speaks the sensor name, status, error message, etc. when a HTTP Notification is tripped. You just select which message you want to use.

What is a Data Message?

A Data message will speak, read to you, the message whenever the HTTP Notification is tripped. For PRTG Network Monitor, the alert phone call will speak the following placeholder values: %status, %device, and %sensor.

What if the values in my Data Message cannot be pronouced as a word?

It’s common for sensors, servers, etc. to have names like TWP2345. Our Text-To-Speech(TTS) engine will speak most of these in a way that we expect and understand. But sometimes that will not the case, and so you add those names to KEYWORDS. Names placed in the KEYWORDS form field will be pronounced character by character. This way, any text can be understood as delivered by the TTS engine.

How do I provide phone numbers to call?

You can specify a single phone number, or multiple phone numbers in a Call List.

Are their any advantages of using a Call List?

Yes. When specify the phone numbers to be called in a Call List, multiple alert recipients are called simultaneously. Also the Call List name is included as a parameter in the API Url so your HTTP Notification setup does not change if you change a recipient on the same call list.  By contrast, if you specify a single phone number, you’ll have to re-generate your API Url again with the new number, then copy and paste it into the HTTP Notifications setup again. Currently, a re-generation is required if you choose a different call list too.

Can I upload a file that contains my call list?

There really is no need to because we have made it very easy to paste multiple names and numbers at once into the Call List form.

Does Uncall require any hardware or software installation?

Nope. Uncall is a web-based app. All you need is a browser and Internet access to create your alert. Your PRTG server will need Internet access too because the alerts are http-based.

Does Uncall require technical expertise?

Nope, not at all. In fact, that’s exactly why Uncall was developed – to enable “the rest of us” to create automated phone call solutions to help with work and life. There’s no programming, no hardware/software to install, and no phone system to provision or deal with. You’ll look and feel awesome when your new expertise makes those phones ring!

PRTG Billing Accounts

What payment options do you offer?

We accept online payments using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. Unfortunately we are unable to accept checks, money orders or purchase orders.

How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my account?

It’s easy! Just click on the Admin tab and select your option. How do I upgrade downgrade my account

What if I go over my Plan minutes?

Your credit card will be charged at the overage rate for your Plan.

Can you bill us?

Sorry, we do not bill accounts. Payment at this time is by credit card only and must be received before services can be used.

PRTG Annual Subscription Plan

This is the only PRTG subscription plan that offers an annual payment option. The primary difference over monthly plans is that there is no unpredictable monthly overage costs. This can be helpful with budgeting, and also cost effective. Overages are only charged if call unit volume exceeds the “annual” maximum, and therefore unpredictable monthly volumes do not trigger overages. The Annual Plan is a year long committment, so there are no refunds. When the year is up, your annual subscription will automatically renew, or you can choose to switch to a monthly plan.

Alert call throttling

It’s possible to unexpectedly generate hundreds or even thousands of notifications in a very short period of time. Therefore we throttle incoming request from PRTG to Uncall to about 1 API request per minute, per account.  For example, if you setup your API with a 3-person call list, three calls per minute would be sent. That’s one call per person, per minute. This helps mitigate charges you would otherwise incur.

What is Call Unit pricing

A “call unit” is our basic unit of pricing. We use this instead of say, per minute or per call, etc. For example, one alert call may consume multiple call units depending on your geographic location, or for premium features we may offer in the future. So a plan with 250 call units included, does not always mean you’ll actually get 250 alert calls. By selecting your country shown by the International Rate table, you’ll see a list of cell phone and landline exchanges, along with the number of call units consumed per alert call. We have some amazing new features coming! Call Units mean you probably won’t have to change plans to use them. And have the flexibility to use features on a per call basis.

It’s really easy to generate the API details needed to copy and paste into the PRTG Http Notification setup. 

First, click on the “Call Lists” tab and add the names and phone numbers of people to call when a notification triggers.

Second, switch to the PRTG tab and complete the form as shown below. Then click the Generate button. Two boxes will appear with the data you need to select and copy into the PRTG Http Notification setup.

Finally test by tripping a sensor and your phone(s) should ring. That’s it!

generate url

Currently only accepting customers from US and Canada.  

Re-working to become GDPR-Compliant. 


Signup today and become worry free tonight!