What is an Uncall message?

An Uncall message is the term we use to describe the automated phone conversation. It’s just words. You can record these words for use in your phone calls. Otherwise, Uncall will use a robot voice to “speak” your automated phone call message.

How do I create a message?

Click on the Message Tab; then click “Create new message.” You will be guided through a quick step-by-step process.

How do I create a message







How do I record my message in my own voice?

The final option in the step-by-step process allows you to record your “Message”, similar to the way you record a voicemail greeting. Simply enter your phone number as requested on the web form. Within 30 seconds you will receive an automated phone call (“Uncall”) that will prompt you through the message recording.

record your own voice









Do I have to create a separate message for each person I want to call?

No. You create a message that can be used to call everyone on your call list. Once you create your “Message”, you select “Make Calls” and Uncall plays that message to everyone on your selected call list. It’s that easy.

Can I tell each person I “uncall” something different?

Absolutely. Let’s say you want to individualize your calls with specific information, such as an appointment time. Uncall makes this easy by setting these appointment time values in your “Call List”, along with the names and phone numbers of the people you are calling. When you “Make Calls”, the Uncall “Message” and “Call List” work in harmony to produce a unique phone message for each person on your list.

Can I get a Yes/No response from EACH person I “uncall”?

Yes! Uncall allows you to set this in your “Message” with specific responses for “yes” or “no.”

Can a message be changed or updated?

Yes. You can change the text and re-record a message at anytime..or simply create a new one!

Can I have a variety of messages for different purposes?

Yes. Each “Message” stands alone. You could have a variety of messages, such as, “Appointment Reminder”, “Snowy Day Message”, and “Holiday Message” to send to different people on different lists. Your options are limitless.

several messages