What is the dashboard?

The Dashboard is where you view your real-time call progress and your Uncall results.

What details can be viewed in the Dashboard?

Dashboard tracks individual call progress. For example, you’ll see if the initial Uncall is successful or if it fails because the line was busy or the caller didn’t answer the phone. You’ll see counters in the Dashboard that displays the number of times Uncall has attempted to call a specific number. To set redials, simply click the ADMIN tab to choose the maximum number of retries and the time interval between retries.

The Dashboard also displays the results of questions specified in Uncalls. For example, if your Uncall queries for “Yes” or “No” responses, the responses will be displayed in the Dashboard.

Can I repeat a call from the Dashboard view?

If you see a call that you want to repeat, simply click on the checkboxes to begin the calling process again. This short-cut avoids entering or uploading the entire Call List.

When calls are repeated from the DashBoard, the entire call process is repeated which include busy and no answer retries.

What if the line is busy or there is no answer?

Uncall will automatically retry the call. You set the number of retries and the interval between retries under the Admin tab.

What about voicemail?

Answering machines, whether home-based or as a cell phone calling feature, is not standardized. Therefore it can’t be detected with 100% accuracy. However, if Uncall detects voicemail, your message will play and the DashBoard status will indicate “machine.”

To guarantee your message is received, simply include a “Yes” or “No” confirmation question in your Message, such as, “Will you be able to make your appointment?”

Uncall also provides an option to “Call Later” where you specify a calling time when you think your recipient will be available to answer the phone.