Call lists

What is an Call List?

An Uncall “Call List” is a list of names, phone numbers and specific information that is required to be spoken on an “Uncall.” It’s like a phone book, but with additional information for each person, for example – appointment time.

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How many people can I have on a call lists?

Currently, each “Call List” can range from a minimum of one person to call to a maximum of one hundred people, but you can have multiple call lists. For example, if you have 342 people to call, you simply make three “Call Lists”, each with 100 peopleĀ and a fourth list that contains the remaining 42 people to call.

Do I have to type all these names and phone numbers into the computer?

The choice is yours. Uncall provides a convenient web form for inputting Call List data, including the ability to copy-and-paste or you can upload your file, as explained below.

Can I upload my call list?

Yes, you can upload any file that’s in the CSV (Comma Separated Values) format as your Call List. This is a very common format and many applications allow you to save your data as a CSV file. For exampe, if your Call List is in Microsoft Excel, you can “save as” a CSV file.

Are my names and addresses secure?

Yes. Whether you type your data into our web form or upload a CSV file, your info is transmitted from your computer to our servers securely via SSL.

How can I get my application’s data into Uncall without re-typing it?

Many applications you use everyday have an “Export to Excel” feature. You can export any Call List data to Microsoft Excel. You can make any changes you want and then save it as a “.csv file” on your desktop. Then this file becomes the Call List file that you upload to Uncall.

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