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What is Call Unit pricing

A “call unit” is our basic unit of pricing. We use this instead of say, per minute or per call, etc. For example, one alert call may consume multiple call units depending on your geographic location, or for premium features we may offer in the future.

So a plan with 250 call units included, does not always mean you’ll actually get 250 alert calls. By selecting your country shown by the International Rate table, you’ll see a list of cell phone and landline exchanges, along with the number of call units consumed per alert call.

We have some amazing new features coming! Call Units mean you probably won’t have to change plans to use them. And have the flexibility to use features on a per call basis.

Alert call throttling

It’s possible to unexpectedly generate hundreds or even thousands of notifications in a very short period of time. Therefore we throttle incoming request from PRTG to Uncall to about 1 API request per minute, per account.  For example, if you setup your API with a 3-person call list, three calls per minute would be sent. That’s one call per person, per minute. This helps mitigate charges you would otherwise incur.